Sound Healing Events

Group Sound Healing Events

Sound penetrates consciousness more deeply than anything else. The use of sound and music for healing is an ancient technique from varied spiritual and sacred traditions around the world. Quartz crystal singing bowls, in particular, awaken an ancient remembering, touching the essence of your soul.

These sessions support you to release pain, anxiety and stress, conditioned thought patterns, and stuck emotions… shifting into a deeply relaxed state where spontaneous healing can occur. The time may include guided meditation, sacred songs or mantras, a chakra toning exercise, and a deep relaxation experience with sacred drumming, bells and crystal singing bowls with vocal toning.

Andrea’s angelic voice, in combination with crystal singing bowls is transporting. The voice, singing bowls and other instruments, have been known to calm the mind, release tension, and positively effect the central nervous system. Used with sacred intention, they heal the spirit and raise consciousness. Everyone’s experience is unique. Many find this meditation relaxing, rejuvenating, and even transporting to a place of peace that is hard to access otherwise.

Sacred Sound Meditation

Calm anxiety… quiet your mind… release pain, stress and stuckness… and connect with your true essence. This deeply relaxing experience restores harmony to your mindbodyspirit through healing sound vibrations from bells, drum, rattle, sacred songs, and Andrea’s angelic vocal toning with crystal singing bowls. We will also join our voices in one vibration to remind us of our inter-connection with each other and all of life.

Be immersed in…

the sound of peace
the sound of love
the sound of silence
the sound of All That Is

Bring a friend and find out what healing sound can do for you!

NOTE TO ATTENDEES: To most fully enjoy and benefit from the session, you will be invited to lie down and fully relax your body for a majority of the time. PLEASE BRING what you need to be supported, comfortable and warm on a hardwood floor: thick cushioning (one thin yoga mat is not sufficient!), blankets/sleeping bag, pillows, etc. Most people also benefit from a bolster under their knees to prevent strain on the lower back. (If you prefer to sit up, chairs/cushions will be available.) 

Call Andrea at 410-566-4258 or email her with any questions.

Upcoming Events in Maine

Sacred Sound Meditation
Wednesday, December 6
6:30 – 8:00 PM

Meadow Wind
100 Gray Rd
Falmouth, ME 04105


(next date TBD)

Poise Yoga Studio**
315 Lisbon Street
Lewiston, ME


**For a fully revitalizing evening…
Come at 5:30 pm for a Hatha Flow yoga class with Shanna ($13 drop-in)

Upcoming Events in Maryland

Sacred Sound Meditation
Thursday, November 2
7:00 – 8:30 pm

Church of the Good Shepherd
Parish Hall (red doors to the LEFT of the main entrance)
1401 Carrollton Avenue
Towson, MD  21204

$15 pre-registered
$20 at the door (cash, check or charge)

NEW! Special Workshop

A Deep Journey through Sacred Sound

Sunday, November 5
1:00 – 4:00 pm

As we move through a time of old structures and paradigms crumbling away, fear and scarcity thinking can cloud our spiritual vision. It is a birth canal time–while the new is emerging yet not completely clear–and we are the midwives.We must expand our consciousness to co-create the new structures that serve and support all beings.

This transformative workshop provides a safe space for deep, embodied learning and exploration of spiritual healing through sacred sound. Using ancient techniques of Vibrational Healing, you will be guided into an experience of expanded consciousness, the truth of yourself as a spiritual being in human form, and your soul’s purpose at this critical time in human history.

Minimum of 4, maximum of 8 participants

Sage River Retreat
Pheonix, MD


Earlybird Registration EXTENDED 

$45 by October 20  October  22
$55 after October 22