Sound Healing Events

Group Sound Healing Events

Sound penetrates the body and our consciousness more deeply than anything else. The use of sound and music for healing has been a first line approach in ancient cultures and sacred traditions around the world. Quartz crystal singing bowls, in particular, awaken an ancient remembering, touching the essence of your soul.

These group offerings support you to release pain, anxiety and stress, conditioned thought patterns, and stuck emotions… shifting into a deeply relaxed state where spontaneous healing can occur. The time may include guided meditation, sacred songs or mantras, and/or a chakra toning exercise in addition to a deep relaxation experience with sacred drumming, rattle, bells and crystal singing bowls with vocal toning.

Andrea’s angelic voice, in combination with crystal singing bowls is transporting. Used with sacred intention, sound heals the spirit and raises consciousness. Everyone’s experience is unique. Many find this meditation relaxing, rejuvenating, and even transporting to a place of peace that is hard to access otherwise.

Calm anxiety… quiet your mind… release pain, stress and stuckness… and connect with your true essence. This deeply relaxing experience restores harmony to your mindbodyspirit through healing sound vibrations from bells, drum, rattle, sacred songs, and Andrea’s angelic vocal toning with crystal singing bowls.

Be immersed in…

the sound of peace
the sound of love
the sound of silence
the sound of All That Is

Bring a friend and find out what healing sound can do for you!

Sound Bath: Journey into Enoughness
Wednesday, April 24
6:30 – 8:30 PM

Calm anxiety, quiet your scarcity thinking, and be reminded on a vibrational level that you ARE enough, and the abundant universe is supporting you. Connect to your own enoughness through a chakra toning practice, and to the enoughness of All That Is as you soak in the healing vibrations of bells, drum, rattle, sacred songs, and Andrea’s angelic vocal toning with crystal singing bowls. 

Rosemont Wellness Center
619 Brighton Avenue
Portland, ME 04102


NOTE TO ATTENDEES: Your comfort is important to be able to deeply relax and experience the full benefits of this session! Therefore, PLEASE BRING a water bottle and anything you need to be supported, comfortable and warm on the floor: sitting for about 40 minutes and lying down for an extended period of time. There are plenty of bolsters and blankets in the space, however, many prefer some thick padding from home (e.g. camping mat, lawn chair cushion), and a sleeping bag can be super cozy. Chairs will also be available if you prefer to sit up.

Enoughness Tour – Spring 2019

Sound Bath: Journey into Enoughness
– Lancaster, PA: March 28
– Baltimore, MD: March 31
– Forest Hill, MD: April 2
– North Kingstown, RI: April 4
Sounding: Using the Voice in Spiritual Practice
– Baltimore, MD: March 31
Private Vibrational Healing Sessions
– Baltimore, MD: March 29
Reiki Level 2 Class
– Hampstead, MD: March 30

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