Special Events

Women’s Wellness Retreat

Let Go and Blossom From Within

October 26 – 28, 2018
Bethel, ME

This retreat is designed for the midlife woman who is in need of some soulful time away to reconnect with her inner wisdom.

Are you struggling to find joy and fulfillment
in your everyday life?

Are you constantly challenged and consumed
by certain aspects of your life?

Are you tired of everyone and everything needing you
and pulling you
 in a thousand directions?

Are you having trouble staying focused on you
and what you want?

Give yourself the gift of a weekend away to connect with your inner wisdom through sound healing, Soul Path Art, journaling and yoga… plus the power of sharing with a small group of women and time in nature by a lake!

Official info, tentative schedule and registration HERE



Autumn Day Retreat: Letting go with grace and ease

Saturday, November 10
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Ways to Wellness
Windham, ME

falling leaves


Find all the details and registration HERE



Expansion: A Deep Journey through Sacred Sound

Sunday, December 1
2:00 – 5:00 PM

at the NEW
Good Medicine Collective
321 York Street, Portland, ME
(in the old Outliers Eatery building)


As we move through a time of old structures and paradigms crumbling away, fear and scarcity thinking can cloud our spiritual vision. It is a birth canal time–while the new is emerging yet not completely clear–and we are the midwives. It is time to expand our consciousness to co-create the new structures that serve and support ALL beings on this beautiful planet.

This transformative workshop provides a safe space for deep, embodied learning and exploration of spiritual healing through sacred sound. Using ancient techniques of Vibrational Healing, you will be guided into an experience of expanded consciousness, the truth of yourself as a spiritual being in human form, and your soul’s purpose at this critical time in human history.

Early registration recommended as space is limited. Details will be emailed to registrants a few days in advance.
More details and registration link coming soon!


Restoring Harmony: Deep Relaxation through Reiki and Sound

Friday, December 21
6:30 – 9:00 PM

with Andrea Wenger and Melissa Redman

Special Solstice Event
More details and registration coming soon!

Calm anxiety, release tension, touch the stillness at your center, and restore harmony to your whole being. Both Reiki and Sound Healing have been known to help quiet the mind and support a deeply relaxed state where spontaneous healing can occur. In addition, these modalities may assist in clearing energetic blocks on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Many find this meditative experience relaxing, rejuvenating, and even transporting to a place of peace that is hard to access otherwise. Andrea’s angelic voice, in combination with the singing bowls, is a channel for divine healing frequencies. Melissa’s intuitive gifts with Reiki will support you in releasing and fully healing what is ready to be transformed. We will start with a chakra toning exercise to balance and open our energetic systems, and then move into the deep relaxation experience with sacred drumming, bells and crystal singing bowls with vocal toning. The whole experience will be supported with Usui/Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki.

NOTE TO ATTENDEESYou will be invited to lie down for much of the session, and your comfort is important to be able to relax deeply and fully benefit from the session! PLEASE BRING whatever you need to be supported, comfortable and warm on the floor, sitting for about 30 minutes and lying down for an extended period of time: a thick mat/padding (i.e. lawn chair cushion, thick yoga mat), blankets/sleeping bag, pillows, sitting cushion, etc. Most people also benefit from a bolster or pillow under their knees to prevent strain on the lower back. Chairs are also available as an alternative, and it’s a good idea to bring a water bottle with you.

Portland New Church
302 Stevens Avenue
Portland, ME 04103

About the Facilitators…

Melissa Rose Redman is a 4th generation healer, mentor, registered and certified Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master, and Usui/Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki Master. Her practice consists of using healing modalities that empower and educate her clients to help them achieve optimal health, balance, and harmonious living. Learn more about Melissa at www.melissaroseredman.com.

Andrea Wenger, MAHA, works with the alchemy of sound, voice and consciousness, to create a sacred space for deep healing of body, heart, mind, and soul. As a holistic wellness practitioner for twelve years, and sound healer for seven, she teaches and facilitates the transformative power of sound and song as an avenue to access your inherent wisdom and authentic voice. Andrea’s Vibrational Healing work with individuals and groups, and her CD of meditative songs can be found at www.andreawenger.com


Contact Melissa at 207-233-9158