Sacred Stillpoint Sound Meditation (Unlimited Access)

Sacred Stillpoint Sound Meditation (Unlimited Access)

Regardless of what is swirling in your mind or world, you can connect with a sense of peace and harmony within your being. Some would say, a more peaceful world depends on it.

We are in the midst of a profound global reset. The paradox is that while we feel constricted physically and bewildered by all the changes, it is a golden opportunity to expand our consciousness and create a new way forward, rooted in peace, compassion, unity and love. As we cultivate these qualities within ourselves here and now, the energy ripples out in the quantum universe to magnetize it, in divine timing, into our physical reality. This sound immersion experience supports you to connect with the peace and love inside you by pausing, quieting the external noise, and dropping into the zero point where these divine qualities exist.

Connect to the sacred stillpoint within you as the sounds of singing bowls, vocal toning and other instruments transport your awareness to a place of deep calm. Allow the steady and soothing harmonics of Andrea’s angelic voice to flood you with peace and relaxation, opening your heart and soul to comfort and nourishment of a deeper kind. Rest in this space, where spontaneous healing occurs, and deep transformation—personally and globally—is accelerated.

Andrea has also infused the sound with additional healing and activation codes for a deeper experience.

Lower cost or alternatives are available for those with low/no income. Contact us.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be directed immediately, upon completion of payment, to the web page with introductory information and the video recording. Please BOOKMARK THAT PAGE so you can find it easily again. You will also receive a receipt via email that does not contain the link. (Unfortunately, this email is automated and not editable.)

Recommended: Schedule an appointment in your calendar now to listen to the recording, and guard it as a commitment to yourself – honor it as though you are physically going to a venue to participate with others. (You simply won’t have to pack up and go home afterward!)

For more individualized healing and guidance, schedule a private session with Andrea.

About the Facilitator...
Andrea Wenger, MAHA, Sound Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Workshop Leader, works with sound, energy and ancient spiritual healing principles to create a sacred space for deep healing of body, heart, mind and soul. Andrea’s voice is a bridge to higher realms, supporting spiritual awakening and personal transformation. Andrea offers private healing sessions, sound healing events, space clearings, workshops, retreats and a CD of meditative songs Learn more about Andrea here and explore her offerings from the menu above. 

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