Sounds of Joy! (Unlimited Access)

Sounds of Joy! (Unlimited Access)

Restore emotional balance as the steady and soothing harmonics of Andrea’s angelic voice melt the tension and open your heart. Even when anger, fear or deep grief are very present, joy can be there, too.

Allow the frequencies of joy to expand your heart center, soothe your mind, and delight your soul. Bring a bounce back into your step as the sounds of singing bowls, vocal toning, bells and chimes elevate your energy. Tapping into joy raises your vibration, supports healing, and lifts your spirits.

Joy is also one of the highest emotional frequencies. Connecting with joy, therefore, raises your vibration and the vibration of everyone and everything around you!

Andrea has also infused the sound with additional healing and activation codes for a deeper experience. A double dose! 

The video is an hour in length. Upon registration, you will receive access to the sound healing experience.

Not sure if a recorded sound healing experience is right for you?
Here's what listeners had to say about the May recording, Sacred Stillpoint:

Your introduction and meditation indeed brought great peace and stillness in the eye of the storm. Thank you for sharing your gifts in this way. I often still play your "beginnings” CD. Especially in these times.  ~ Beebe F.

I like being in the comfort of my bed and no distractions! It’s brilliant!  A lightness came into my chest and a wave of gratefulness that you are... able to help me so much on my journey! I am forever thankful and blessed with your work and the sharing of your knowledge.  ~ Anonymous

Thank you so much for creating the Sacred Stillpoint Sound Immersion!  I have really enjoyed using the recording and it has made an amazing difference in the quality and quantity of my sleep -- these are the first nights that I have been able to sleep soundly since the pandemic started. It has cleared toxins out of my body. I've lost almost 2 pounds and haven't changed my diet and haven't exercised. I don't have a lot to lose, but I'd been feeling like my digestion was slow.  Using the recording has improved my day-to-day because I feel better physically, I am more efficient, and even more creative. Can I pay to access the recording after the end of May?  Or, will there be a new one? The sound quality for this recording was better than the last one, and your voice is always so angelic. Thank you!  ~ Tracy R.


Lower cost access is available for those with low/no income. Contact us for details.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be directed immediately, upon completion of payment, to the web page with introductory information and the video recording: BOOKMARK THAT PAGE so you can find it easily again. (You will also receive a receipt via email that does not contain the link. I cannot edit that automatic email.)

Register with the checkout button below. 

Recommended: Schedule an appointment in your calendar now to listen to the recording, and guard it as a commitment to yourself – honor it as though you are physically going to a venue to participate with others. (You simply won’t have to pack up and go home afterward!)

About the Facilitator...
Andrea Wenger, MAHA, Sound Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Workshop Leader, works with sound, energy and ancient spiritual healing principles to create a sacred space for deep healing of body, heart, mind and soul. Andrea’s voice is a bridge to higher realms, supporting spiritual awakening and personal transformation. Andrea offers private healing sessions, sound healing events, space clearings, workshops, retreats and a CD of meditative songs Learn more about Andrea here and explore her offerings from the menu above. 

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