Centering In Sound

Centering in Sound

Weekly Virtual Gathering

Release anxiety, return to your center and 
relax with simple sounding practices and healing songs.

Tuesdays at noon, Eastern Time
(9:00 am, Pacific, 5:00 pm UTC)
via Zoom
March Sessions – March 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30

Centering in Sound is a high-frequency space of peace and non-judgment to reset your nervous system, rest in the miraculous healing of your own voice, open your heart, and connect with the wisdom, guidance and creativity within.

Sound is the most direct and efficient avenue to shift thoughts, emotions and energy, providing a doorway to transformation of your own experience of life and the trajectory of the human collective. In sounding together, we share peace and joy, often finding surprising support in our own voice and the circle of companions.

As the external continues to disintegrate, these virtual gatherings are an opportunity to return to your center, raise your frequency, and restore on multi-dimensional levels of your being through vocal sounding (which ANYone can do) and healing songs.

I came to the session with a stiff painful neck. Initially it was painful to take a deep breath. By the end of the session I realized that the pain had entirely disappeared! Thank you for the meditation and humming down and up the spine.
It felt freeing, releasing…..

~ Renee King, Lancaster, PA

This weekly sounding space is open to all. It does not matter if you feel like you don’t know how to use your voice… or if you have always loved to sing! All ages and levels of experience are welcome.

If you are a living breathing body, you can make sound and use your voice to heal yourself!

Join us as we release stuckness, polarization and negativity from our minds, bodies and hearts. Let’s create the new world we most desire by resting in sound and holding the center in togetherness.

Ongoing sessions will be 20-30 minutes. 

To Be Clear:
Centering in Sound is a guided practice space, not a course or structured cohort.
– You do not need to attend all sessions.
– Variations to deepen your experience will be offered later in the month.
– In a spirit of generosity and inclusion, there is no fee to register. See the information under Reciprocity below for exchange options.
– Join us when you can, access the replay as desired, and contribute what your heart guides you to give.

All are welcome to this sounding space, regardless of your ability to contribute monetarily. The amount that reflects the value of this gathering to you, along with your circumstances, is graciously accepted to support our mutual flourishing. Here are a few options:

Registration is for the whole calendar month (whether 4 or 5 sessions). The replay link will be available to registrants until the following Tuesday.

Click this link to register for the March Sessions (on March 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30)

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information to join the sessions. The replay link will be sent after each session to those who have registered.

Thank you for participating!
Creating more peace and harmony within your own being
is radical self-care and activism.

Quantum physics teaches us that
every time you return to your center and reconnect
with your breath, voice, body, and heart
not only brings harmony and wellbeing to you, but also
makes the world a more harmonious and peaceful place.

~ Andrea Wenger

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sound is involved?
We will work with very simple sounds (such as humming and toning) which reset the central nervous system like a stress-relief switch, and end with easy-to-learn songs that nourish your whole being. There may be drone accompaniment at times and an occasional other instrument sounded. The overall tone will be relaxing and meditative with the energy rising toward the end as we move into singing a heart-opening or empowering song at the end.

If I sound/sing, will everyone hear me?
No! All participants will be muted due to the time delay with digital technology. You can let go of all your anxieties around singing and simply let the sound out in whatever way feels nourishing and healing for you, and no one on the call will hear you. The biggest benefits are from simply connecting with the vibration in your own body.

Do I have to make sound or sing?
While you are encouraged to do some form of simple sounding, as guided, you are certainly welcome to simply listen in silence. You know what you need.

Will I be recorded in the replay video?
Possibly. For the introductory session, the replay video will only be of me as the facilitator. For the ongoing sessions, the gallery view of participants will be kept in the recording to enhance a sense of connection and community in the replay as well. Only registered participants will have access to the replay. If you prefer to not be visible at all, you may mute your video. This is preferable if you are moving your device around or have other distractions going on in your background.

How long will the replay be available?
You will have access to the replay for a week following the session, occasionally slightly longer. 

Other questions?
Contact Andrea here

About the Facilitator…
Learn more about Andrea and her work here