Deep Roots


Deep Roots

women connecting to the fertile ground within


Are you longing for deep connection
and spiritual support in a chaotic world?


Join us!

What is Deep Roots?

Deep Roots is a nurturing circle for women like you who desire to deepen their spiritual practice, connect with their inherent feminine wisdom, and nurture their authentic desires, gifts and dreams into full flowering.

Guiding Principles…

The Deep Roots circle is focused on supporting you to:

  • awaken to your power
  • nourish your WHOLE self
  • trust your enoughness
  • embody your true essence

We will explore awakening, empowerment, nourishment, self-care, trust, abundance, compassion, authenticity, and embodiment as perspectives and values providing a framework to guide our learning and enhance the flowering of our lives.

Why participate?

The benefits of Deep Roots are unlimited. How much do you want to learn about yourself and what’s possible for your life? How deep would you like to go? 

Feed yourself what you are hungering for:

  • relaxation and healing
  • nourishment on all levels of your being
  • being seen, heard and accepted just-as-you-are!
  • connection and new relationships
  • inspiration, personal insights and breakthroughs

Come experience a unique feminine community providing:

  • an open and accepting sacred space
  • spiritual support for your personal journey
  • an opportunity to strengthen your feminine roots
  • ancient customs and rituals of the Sacred Feminine

Experience the magic of women in circle! 

What the world needs now is an infusion of
the kind of wisdom women have
and the form of the circle itself
is an embodiment of that wisdom.

– Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen


What is a Taster Circle?

Come have a taste of Deep Roots this summer! The vision is for Deep Roots to be  a committed circle starting in the fall, meeting for a half-day mini-retreat each month. Several drop-in Taster Circles this summer give you an experience to decide if the ongoing circle is right for you.

The activities for Taster Circles and the ongoing group will be similar, supporting you to discover who you are on a deeper level, what you are capable of, and how you can step more fully into your feminine power and divine gifts. A variety of energetic and spiritual practices will support and guide you to deepen your connection to yourself and Mother Earth, and draw nourishment from the fertile ground of your own soul.

Activities will include: 

  • meditation
  • time in nature
  • intuitive/free movement
  • singing, chanting and sound healing
  • journaling
  • sacred ritual
  • group sharing

Inspiration will come from:

  • the cycles of nature
  • intuitive wisdom and guidance
  • ancient and modern spiritual wisdom and practices
  • each other
  • and more!

“The time for the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from
your attitude and your vocabulary. 
All that we do now must be done in
a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

~ Iriquois elder, shared widely by Chumash Elder Choqosh Au’ho’oh
(often quoted with and attributed to the Hopi Elders’ Prophecy)

You’ll love it like these women did!

I facilitated Deep Roots in Maryland before moving to Maine. Here’s what some participants there had to say…

This is an opportunity to gather support and grow… to be in a comfortable space that allows you to be who you are and not worry about saying, doing, feeling the “right ” things — to BE in the space and open up to YOU; to come into communion with yourself. It helped me to become more aware of who I am and what my needs are.   ~ Donna B.

Andrea created such an inviting circle of women that felt so immediately accepting because of the way she shared her knowledge and passion from the heart. The sacred space she created had me thinking “this is what’s been missing from my life.” I love the rituals and exercises that we participated in and created together. Each one added to a depth of connection with both myself and the group of women. Looking forward to more!   ~ Robyn J. (entrepreneur, gardener, artist & more)

My experience helped me be more self-aware and enabled me to move forward and be more authentic in my life. Go and relax…it’s great. You’ll be glad you did!  ~ Angela T.

About the Facilitator…

Andrea Wenger, MAHA, is passionate about co-creating a world of enoughness–where each individual knows their priceless value and lives in harmony with all beings and our precious Mother Earth. She believes that sacred spaces for women to access their inherent wisdom and power, and bring forth their unique gifts, are foundational to creating that world!

Andrea works with the alchemy of breath, sound, energy, consciousness and spiritual practice to create a sacred space for deep healing of body, heart, mind, and spirit. Her angelic voice with crystal singing bowls and other instruments are a portal for spiritual transformation and spontaneous healing. She also brings a wealth of experience from her background in nutrition and health coaching, and a unique perspective on healing from her graduate studies in Applied Healing Arts. Learn more about Andrea here.

“I see my role in facilitating this circle as a doula
which I was delighted to learn means servant.
I offer Deep Roots in service
to the highest expression
of you and your divine gifts in the world.”

The Details…


Deep Roots Taster Circles – Summer 2020

These are 4-hour mini-retreats – join us for one or all three!

Saturday (or Sunday), 1:00 – 5:00 pm: (Dates TBD)


Location TBD (greater Portland area)

To Register for a Deep Roots Taster Circle:

Choose the Taster Circle(s) you would like attend in the dropdown list below. You can use a credit card or PayPal account. If you prefer to send a check, contact Andrea HERE. 

1) Being committed to your personal path
2) A willingness to own your “stuff” and do your inner work
3) Ability to attend in person*  

*Contact Andrea before registering to discuss your comfort level related to COVID-19

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