Full Moon Release Sound Journey

Brief Intro: Meet Andrea & Larissa

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Replay: Full Moon Release Zoom Gathering  
(2 hours)

We had a lovely group for our gathering via zoom. If you missed the live call, you can watch the replay and join in the activities as though you were with us!

Gather the supplies listed in the document you received that provided the link to this page… and then click the link below to get started:

REPLAY: Full Moon Release with Color & Sound – Emergence

Full Moon Release Sound Journey
(1 hour)

Welcome! I am so grateful for technology to be able to share this sound journey with you across the miles. The inherent bonus is that you can return to listen as often as you like to soothe your nervous system, re-center and rejuvenate your body, and support your new intention from the activities of the first segment on zoom.

Preparation to receive the most benefit…

Your comfort is important to be able to relax deeply and experience the full benefits of sound healing. 
1) Be sure to secure a space and time where you will not be interrupted. Ask household members to honor your need for this restorative and healing time by not interrupting you for an hour. 
2) Find your best earbuds or headphones. From my experience, they enhance the sound quality greatly and help you feel like you are in the room with the sounds.
3) Create a comfortable spot for yourself. It could be sitting or lying down in whatever way is supportive to your body. 
4) Have a glass of water nearby and enough blankets for warmth, as your body temperature is likely to drop as you relax. Keep in mind you may want a pillow or bolster under your knees if you are lying down, to receive pressure on the lower back.

Ideally, have your space and props prepared before starting the video.


Set the intention to receive exactly what you need at this time, then surrender to the wisdom of your Higher Self and open to receive. While a recording is not quite the same as a live session, it is not an impediment to the healing you can receive from the experience. We are multidimensional, holographic, quantum beings and are not limited by the illusory barriers of time and space! 

NOTE: Disclaimer on Digital Sound
I am not a videographer or sound technology expert. I am working with what I have, and sound quality is always limited by technology–both the recording microphone and the quality of the speakers you are listening through. I recommend using earbuds or headphones for better volume control and to minimize other competing sounds in your environment. Experiment with all your device and headphone options to find what works best for you.

Note that the volume is low in the very beginning but will get louder for most of the session. You may want to keep your device close enough to easily adjust as necessary. Keep it on the low side as long as you can hear my speaking in the early minutes and then the rest should be fine. There is a long silent pause near the end. Simply rest in that silence. I will bring you out of it verbally. 

This is predominantly an audio experience and ultimately a quantum healing experience. Visuals are not important for healing, so there is no need to watch the video at all. 

So, cozy up in the space you have prepared for your comfort, and enjoy!

After listening…

1) Drink extra water to assist in releasing toxins associated with any stuck energy you may have released.
2) Pay close attention to what your body, heart and mind are asking for: perhaps more sleep, a walk in nature to ground you, a good cry, really healthy high-vibe food, cleaning up some clutter, a heartfelt honest talk with a loved one, etc. 
3) Be gentle with yourself! Releasing and ongoing healing may continue for a day or several days. If unexpected emotions arise, or physical symptoms get worse (before they get better), this is not unusual and is likely the result of energetic release — stuck energy or blocks getting loosened up so your energy can flow normally again. Give yourself space to feel whatever is showing up, and reach out for support as needed. I am happy to process anything with you that has arisen and feels overwhelming.


Would you do us a favor?

We would be hugely grateful for your thoughtful feedback to help shape our offerings in the future, especially as we’ve adapted to an online format. We’ve made it easy through this short online feedback form. Thank you for taking a couple minutes to fill it out now while your experience is still fresh in your mind and heart! 

So much gratitude!
Larissa & Andrea