late-summer retreat day – 8/24/13

Late-Summer Day Retreat

Saturday, August 24

3:00 – 10:00pm

in beautiful Sparks, MD

Slow down and savor the deeply nourishing abundance of the late-summer season

Chinese medicine, which includes a “5th season” of Late Summer, teaches that health is dependent upon our ability to maintain balance and harmony in the presence of constant change. Under all the human-induced changes in our lives, the energies of the seasons affect us whether we are aware of them or not. Consciously connecting with the energy and gifts of the current season allows us to integrate them and move more smoothly into the following season. 

This retreat offers an opportunity to pause our typical routines and take in the gifts of Late Summer:  abundance, gratitude, harvest, transformation and nourishment. Our time together will allow you to reflect, restore, rejuvenate, and re-connect with your body, heart, mind and soul, in preparation for the Fall.

As we share in sacred space and community, we will practice nourishing ourselves deeply on all levels. The day will include guided meditation, journaling, time in nature, intuitive movement, sound healing, a gluten-free vegetarian meal, and a bonfire with drumming and dancing to top off the day!

From earth’s good harvest,
receiving and giving,
we share simple gifts
that make life worth living.
 ~ John Sullivan,
Living Large 

Registration by 8/19:      $75

After 8/19:                         $90

Register NOW by paying online here:

OR contact Andrea to pay by check

Bring a friend**:          $140 for both     ($160 after 8/19)
**Contact Andrea to register

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