Sacred Stillpoint Sound Immersion

Sacred Stillpoint Sound Immersion

I am so glad you have chosen to support yourself with this sound healing experience. May it be calming, centering, and deeply healing for you.

If you haven’t done so already…
– secure a space and time where you will not be interrupted for at least an hour
– have a glass of water nearby and enough blankets for warmth
– find your best earbuds or headphones. for the best sound quality experience
– create a comfortable spot for yourself, sitting or lying down

A Note of Disclaimer about Digital Sound…
Sound quality is affected by both the quality of the microphone when recording and the quality of the speakers when listening. I recorded this several ways at home and went with the best sounding result. However, your experience will be dependent on the quality of the speakers/headphones you have – and even the best tech can’t measure up to a live experience. The crystal singing bowls in particular are very complex with layers of harmonics, which may, at times sound like the volume is wavering a bit.

I recommend using earbuds or headphones for better volume control, likely better quality sound, and to minimize other competing sounds in your environment. That said, know that even if there is some distortion or static now and then, the healing vibrations are still present. The more you can let go of attachment to any particular audio experience, the more relaxation and stillness you are likely to experience. 

This is ultimately a quantum healing experience. I have combined this recording with additional healing energy and light codes to support you in accessing the stillpoint within.

Visuals are not important for healing, so there is no need to watch the video at all–simply close your eyes and relax deeply.

The sound immersion itself is approximately 45 minutes (including guided relaxation at the beginning and spaces of silence interspersed), with about 5 minutes of information guidance at the beginning and the end.

Now, cozy up in the space you have prepared, and enjoy!

After listening…

  • Drink extra water to assist in releasing toxins associated with any stuck energy you may have released.
  • Pay close attention to what your body, heart and mind are asking for: perhaps some journaling, more sleep, a walk in nature to ground you, a good cry, more time for stillness in your daily routines, etc.
  • Be gentle with yourself! Continued healing and energetic/emotional release may continue for a day or more. If unexpected emotions arise, or physical symptoms get worse (before they get better), this is not unusual and likely the result of energetic release (stuck energy or blocks getting loosened up so your energy can flow freely again). Give yourself space to feel whatever is showing up, and reach out for support as needed. 

Thank you again for prioritizing an experience of peace and stillness. It matters. Remember that you are a holographic, quantum being! As you continue to strengthen your connection to the stillpoint within you, it ripples out and assists others in accessing their stillpoint as well. That’s how we build a more peaceful world. 

I’d love to hear anything you have to share or questions you have about your experience. You can reach me here

Wishing you vibrant health and a peaceful heart,