Sound Medicine for Your Soul in Challenging Times

Sound Medicine for Your Soul in Challenging Times

Thank you for joining me for this first extended sound session I offered in a virtual space. I recorded it at the Good Medicine Collective in Portland, Maine where I had a sound immersion scheduled for March 27, 2020. Due to the lockdowns happening at that time, we could not hold the event in person, so I held space and sent remote healing during the original event time frame to all who would listen at any time in the future. 

Recommendations to receive the most benefit:

Your comfort is important to be able to relax deeply and experience the full benefits of sound healing. More detail on these points can be found in the registration confirmation email you received.
1) Be sure to secure a space where you will not be interrupted. 
2) Create a comfortable spot for yourself. 
3) Find your best earbuds or headphones.
4) Have a glass of water nearby and enough blankets for warmth.

Ideally, have your space and props prepared before starting the session.

A few thoughts of introduction…

While I missed your in-person presence as I recorded this, I am so grateful for technology to be able to share healing vibrations with you anyway. And now you can sink into the experience as often as you like!

Set the intention with me to receive exactly what you need each time you listen. Then surrender to the wisdom of your your own connection to source and open to receive. While a recording is not quite the same as a live session, it is not an impediment to the healing you can receive from the experience. We are multidimensional, holographic, quantum beings and are not limited by the illusory barriers of time and space! 

NOTE: Disclaimer on Sound and Lighting
I am not a videographer or sound technology expert. I worked with what I have, and sound quality is always limited by technology–both the recording microphone and the quality of the speakers you are listening through. I recommend using earbuds or a headset for better volume control, to minimize other competing sounds in your environment, and to have a better sense of being in the studio with me. You may want to experiment with all your listening device and headphone options to find what works best for you. In the end, I was surprised how well the sound quality came through when I listened–improved in some spots by using my earbuds.

This is predominantly an audio experience and ultimately a quantum healing experience. Visuals are not important for healing, so you do not need to watch the video at all. (That’s a plus since the lighting was challenging and the camera preferred to focus on lights in the window rather than what was in the room!)

Additional Notes Below…

Following the video, there are notes about the mantra I lead in the video session, and recommendations for after you listen. Be sure to scroll down and read through those tips to care for yourself afterward. 

Enjoy! May it serve you well…

About the Mantra Practice… 

Chanting or reciting Sanskrit mantras is an ancient spiritual practice for healing and transforming awareness through the power of your voice. Mantras are seed syllables that help to loosen your attachments to suffering and focus your awareness on the divinity within.
Here is the Tara mantra that I talk about and lead you in chanting during the first part of the video session: 

There are many sanskrit mantras for the 21 Emanations of Tara, however, this one is considered to be the foundation of them all. Here is more insight into this powerful mantra, from the perspective of The Sophia Code cosmology, written by Kaia Ra:

OM – Toning OM invokes my [Ascended Master, Green Tara] presence as a guide through your suffering and a mentor for your happiness.

TARE – This seed syllable declares that you are laying down your attachments to suffering in exchange for non-circumstantial happiness and reconciliation with your divinity.

TUTTARE – Is a seeded sound wave of self-love that liberates your awareness from the eight great fears by taking refuge in your own divinity.

TURE – Declares your oneness with all beings as the root of your happiness that is sovereign from all attachments to suffering.

SOHA – Commands the blueprint of this mantra to activate your DNA and consecrate your Sacred Heart to live in happiness, for the liberation of all being. 

After listening…

1) Drink extra water to assist in releasing toxins associated with any stuck energy you have released.
2) Pay close attention to what your body, heart and mind are asking for: maybe more sleep, a walk in nature to ground you, a good cry, really healthy high-vibe food, cleaning up some clutter, a heartfelt honest talk with a loved one, etc. You will know if you set the intention to listen and honor what arises.
3) Choose consciously what sounds and vibrations you engage in. Notice habitual choices of sound/vibration (music, media, movies, people) and assess whether they boost your mood and energy, or drain you. Know you have a choice and exercise that choice!
4) Be gentle with yourself! Releasing and ongoing healing may continue for a day or several days. If unexpected emotions arise, or physical symptoms get worse (before they get better), this is not unusual and is likely the result of energetic release — stuck energy or blocks getting loosened up so your energy can flow normally again. Give yourself space to feel whatever is showing up, and reach out for support. I am available for remote healing sessions if that would serve you.

The songwriters are listed in the notes under the video in YouTube. The one I wrote is on my CD. If you would like an mp3 version, you can order and download the individual track here.

Additional thoughts…

As we raise our own vibration and awaken to our divinity, we raise the vibration of the collective which open doors for the New Earth we are now birthing.

Thank you for being here on the planet at this potent and auspicious time. It is no accident you are here. You have a very important role to play!

Lean into your multi-dimensional self. Engaging in healing activities of any kind is the most valuable way we can utilize extra time at home right now. Not only will you be able to experience more peace and joy in the midst of everyday challenges, it will also benefit everyone around you, as well as around the globe, since we are energetically inter-connected!

While these have been truly challenging times of physical (not social!) distancing, the creativity arising to find ways to stay connected and share support is encouraging. I feel confident that we will continue to access the unlimited potential and creativity within humanity to find solutions of all kinds that support EVERYone — no exceptions!

Heartfelt Gratitude!

Thank you so much for your support of my work, and of all solo-preneurs and artists you know. If you have friends and family who would benefit from this experience, send them to this link for introductory information where they can register to access the video. I appreciate your refraining from sharing this video page link directly. Anyone who does not have the means right now for a financial energy exchange can contact me for access. I am happy to provide it to them directly!

Questions? Comments?

You can reach me here with anything you’d like to ask or share about your experience.
I’d love to hear from you!