Special Events

Expansion: A Deep Journey through Sacred Sound

Wednesdays, March 13 and 20
6:00 – 8:00 PM

This transformative workshop provides a safe space for deep, embodied learning and exploration of spiritual healing through sacred sound. Using ancient techniques of Vibrational Healing, you will be guided into an experience of expanded consciousness, the truth of yourself as a spiritual being in human form, and your soul’s purpose at this critical time in human history.


What former participants have to say:
“The memories/feelings of that afternoon resonate within me very deeply. As I am journaling this morning I’m remembering the wonderful meditation and I know that the bowls, the vibes, the space that we shared was sacred. I went into a place my soul has been yearning to experience… I look forward to another session with you.” ~ MN, Baltimore

“I attended an Expansion workshop and loved it. Andrea’s use of sound healing and her gentle, supportive, inviting style allowed me to access deep healing within myself. She skillfully and lovingly guided our group to connect and use each other’s wisdom to deepen our own growth.” ~ CB, Baltimore


Windham Raymond Adult Education
Windham High School Library

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