Summit Specials

International Health & Wellness Summit: Special Offers

Thank you for joining me for the International Health & Wellness Summit!

I am happy to share the following free gifts to support you with any type of grief or loss you are experiencing AND a 30% discount on Vibrational Healing sessions

For the discounted sessions, contact me by the end of May to set them up. The sessions themselves can happen anytime until August 30. The free gifts will be available here until the end of June. Enjoy!

FREE – Sound Healing for Grief & Loss

In the midst of this global lockdown, it’s easy (and common!) to also lock down on our emotions. When we don’t express and process them, they get stuck in our energetic body and eventually lead to dis-ease in the body of one type or another.

Let these sound vibrations assist in releasing any stuckness within you related to loss and grief. Breathe into any emotions that arise, and allow yourself to feel them fully. Notice how much lighter you feel after the release!


Sessions may include sound healing, Reiki/energy work, and coaching, as appropriate.

These private healing sessions are beneficial for:

  • reducing anxiety
  • alleviating depression
  • restoring balance and vibrancy
  • releasing old habits/patterns/behaviors
  • shifting perspective
  • gaining clarity 
  • getting unstuck
  • feeling grounded and centered
  • deepening spiritual growth
  • relieving physical pain/discomfort
  • accelerating healing pre/post surgery 
  • connecting to the the truest essence of your soul
  • opening to greater possibilities in any area of life

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We will meet via Skype or Zoom. Upon purchase below, I will be in touch (via the email associated with your purchase) to schedule your first session. 

I look forward to working with you and supporting your full flowering!

Peace and blessings,
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2-session package (60-minutes/session)  
$210 $147  (Save $63)

3-session package (60-minutes/session) 
$300 $210  (Save $90)

4-session package (60-minutes/session)
$380   $266  (Save $114)

Restoring the innate harmony of your being so you can live
a vibrant, meaningful and fulfilling life!

FREE – Toning Practice Guide

Enjoy this downloadable guide that includes instructions and a chart for the Chakra Toning Practice I often lead in group sound events. There are also instructions for toning with your name — a powerful way to align with your soul purpose.

Thank you, again, for attending the summit, and I look forward to supporting you on your journey to greater balance, harmony, and the life your soul longs to live!

You can reach me here with any comments or questions. I look forward to hearing from you!