Unwrapping the Gift of YOU: A 7-Day Journey of remembering your enoughness

Unwrapping the Gift of YOU:
A 7-day journey of remembering your enoughness

December 15 to 21, 2021
8:30 pm EST or by replay at your convenience

We are each a unique gift to the world, yet early in life we quickly forget who we really are. A false identity takes form with an external façade of looking good and having it all together, while internally we feel deeply alone, afraid and never enough. Meanwhile, the truth of who we are remains hidden, especially to ourselves.

This 7-day journey is an invitation to pull off those layers of “pretty” external wrappings to remember and reconnect with your enoughness, reclaiming the pure love of your very essence.

This program was inspiring, uplifting, and
just the medicine I needed,
when I needed it. It was a blessing.
I felt like it was written just for me…
each day seemed to say
exactly what I needed to hear.

~ Marissa S, Portland, OR

Each day, an email will share the day’s theme and provide the meeting link. The group session will include a guided sounding practice which assists you to release blocks and move out of stuckness, confusion and unworthiness into deeper connection with your own unique essence and enoughness. We will end with a nourishing and uplifting song. Join in and sing along, or simply listen and receive the gifts of the song.

The gift of YOU is needed more than ever on this planet to contribute in your unique way to the new world being birthed through the deep labor pains we are experiencing as a collective. The old is falling away, the new is being born… and you are a valuable part of this epic journey. It’s time to tear off the wrapping and let the gift of YOU shine!

Unwrapping the gift of myself. That was a scary proposition until I took the first class with Andrea. She provides a gentle, easy, simple way of moving into my soul’s energy which has given me courage to be who I am. I loved learning the new songs of affirmation and the humming exercises helped me to center.
I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop and anything else Andrea might be teaching that resonates with you.
It is more than worth the cost.

~ Donna Marie Castaner, Therapeutic Musician

More from former participants…

The voice is a powerful tool that I just discovered during the 21-day series.  Andrea’s daily guidance was delivered in a very easy and loving way. Using sound to heal and nurture myself has taken my self-care to another level.

~ Leslie D,  New York, NY

Andrea offers so much love, support, and gentle guidance it is impossible not to feel like a success. It is amazing how singing along with her creates such a deep and profound sense of healing and release. The vibrations really do heal. I highly recommend Andrea’s work.

~ Larissa Davis, Artist

The 21 day journey was such a gift! After each session  I felt a sense of calm, peace, and contentment that “I am enough.” My body felt relaxed and my mind felt at ease. Andrea has such a beautiful singing voice and while singing along from my heart, I felt so uplifted.  Andrea is a gifted healer!

~ Kathy Campbell, Naples, ME

Details + Registration

Registration includes:

  • Daily email with topic of the day, the session link, and journal prompts to dive deeper.
  • Daily live sessions at 8:30pm EST via Zoom. Sessions will last 20-30 minutes
  • Replay links provided on a private group page, and also sent in the next day’s email.

Energy Exchange: $15
Be sure to use your best email address at the button below so details and meeting links reach you in a convenient manner.

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About the Facilitator…

Andrea Wenger, MAHA, Songstress, Sound Healer, Reiki Master, creates a sacred space for deep healing through sound, song, and pure source connection. She teaches and facilitates the transformative power of sound–especially your own voice–as an avenue to access your inherent wisdom and live with authenticity. Learn more about Andrea here.

Questions? Contact Andrea here