Unwrapping the Gift of YOU!

Unwrapping the Gift of YOU!

A 21-day journey of remembering your enoughness through sound and song
Dec 1 – 21, 2020
Live at Noon, EST or by replay at your convenience

Reclaiming the truth that you are enough allows the flames of
authentic expression to shine–and like a phoenix rising from the ashes,
your radiance transforms the world around you.

We come into this world and quickly forget who we really are. We take on the beliefs and ways of being and relating that help us to simply survive—which often includes pleasing others or taking care of them in some way in order to take care of ourselves. A false identity takes form with an external façade of looking good and having it all together (as best we can pull that off), while internally we feel deeply alone, afraid and never enough. Meanwhile, the truth of who we are remains hidden—often from ourselves as well as others.

This 21-day journey is an invitation to pull off those layers of “pretty” external wrappings to remember and reconnect with your enoughness and the pure love that you are.

The unique gift of you is needed more than ever on this planet to contribute in important ways to the new world being birthed through the deep labor pains we are experiencing as a collective. The old is falling away, the new is being born, and you are a critical part of the process.

It can be challenging and downright scary to let go of what has felt like physical, emotional or spiritual security, and uncover the truth within… to realize that you are more than enough as a powerful multi-dimensional being… and to unwrap the gift of YOU!

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. … Your playing small does not serve the world. … As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

~ Marianne Williamson

In this guided offering, you will be gently supported to connect with your own breath, body and intention to break free from the confining false identities and limiting beliefs, raise your vibration, and connect with your truest nature—the blueprint of your very beingness. 

In short daily sessions from December 1 to 21, simple, guided breath and sound practices (anyone can easily do them!) will assist you to release blocks and move out of stuckness, confusion and unworthiness … into deeper connection with your own unique essence and enoughness.

Sounding as well as a nourishing and uplifting song will be incorporated into each session—join in and sing along, or simply allow Andrea’s angelic voice to wash over you with waves of deeper healing vibrations. Sessions will last 15-20 minutes.

Daily at 12pm – live on YouTube
OR watch the replay at the best time for you

$21*  for the whole journey**

*If this amount is a hindrance to your participation, contact Andrea for other options.
**Includes a Facebook Group to connect with Andrea and others on the journey 

The link to each session will arrive each day by email. Be sure to use your ideal email address when you register so you can easily receive and find those daily emails. (They will come from andrea [at] andreawenger.com.) 

You can listen live or use the same link to access the video at a later time. Once you have registered you will be invited to join the private Facebook Group to share your experiences and ask questions. 

The more the merrier! Invite your friends as well by sharing this page or the Facebook Event page with them. 

From the Facilitator:
I look forward to sounding and singing with you!… in service to your unique brilliance and creativity contributing fully to the new earth we are creating. I envision that world to be full of amazing new systems, technologies and ways of living and being that honor and support ALL life and foster peace, love and togetherness.  

In love and harmony,