| What Clients Say

Vibrational Healing

figure   “At first I wasn’t sure what sound healing meant, yet when Andrea integrated her voice with the sounds of her crystal singing bowl, a deep sense of calm resonated deeply from within—an experience I never thought possible.” – Stacey S, Massage Therapist

figure   “Thank you so much for creating the Sacred Stillpoint Sound Immersion! I have really enjoyed using the recording and it has made an amazing difference in the quality and quantity of my sleep — these are the first nights that I have been able to sleep soundly since the pandemic started. It has cleared toxins out of my body. I’ve lost almost 2 pounds and haven’t changed my diet and haven’t exercised. I don’t have a lot to lose, but I’d been feeling like my digestion was slow. Using the recording has improved my day-to-day because I feel better physically, I am more efficient, and even more creative. Can I pay to access the recording after the end of May? Or, will there be a new one? The sound quality for this recording was better than the last one, and your voice is always so angelic. Thank you!  ~ Tracy R.

figure   “After a shoulder surgery, I was seeking a Reiki practitioner to assist with the healing process. I met with Andrea several times and each session was extremely relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. Andrea’s gentle spirit is comforting, and in her presence I experienced a healing environment. Andrea incorporated sound healing with her practice as well. What a treat! Not only did my shoulder heal quickly, my body regained its equilibrium and my mind regained confidence for me to begin using my shoulder. I highly recommend her as a Reiki practitioner.”   ~ Belinda R, Attorney

figure    “In my sessions with Andrea, waves of sound wash through my body, carrying with them the emotional responses that no longer serve me. The profound relaxation I experience heals my heart and clears my mind, leaving me with the energy to see life’s challenges as opportunities for further growth. I feel like I’m born anew, at peace in this world.

I was hesitant about Reiki at first. Andrea has helped my troubled soul to find peace and the energy I needed to move forward in my life. With her support, I have been able to recognize counterproductive behaviors and make subtle changes that transform them into productive ones. I am experiencing a rebirth, rediscovering the person I once was and grateful for the opportunity to return home. I’m not sure what happened or how it works, but now I can’t wait until my next appointment.”  – Karen S, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher

figure   “Andrea will empty out all the toxins that build up inside you throughout the week. When I walk out of a session I feel like I’ve lost 20 lbs and my energy level has increased and I’m rejuvenated. You will become aware of things that remained in your subconscious and you were too busy to acknowledge. She will allow you to let go of things that are holding you back, by allowing you to see them.”  – Jim C, IT Developer

figure    “I used to drive to see Andrea thinking, Do I really need this? And when I left I always said, I really need this, in order to get through the craziness of my life. I would be crying and Andrea would so gently keep me going to get to what was really going on inside me. Extraordinary! I grew so much in working with her, and made big steps in moving out of the pain and heartache and into more love, care, joy and respect for myself. I am eternally grateful! 

Andrea has a voice from heaven that is healing and takes me to a safe, loving and peaceful place. Even now when I stop and think about it I can feel the release of all my stuff and feel peace within. The Reiki she does clears the junk out! Andrea’s work is AMAZING. My heart is full from her generous being. The most profound thing that Andrea taught me is to BREATHE! I often would not be able to catch my breath and she taught me to breathe deeply. This has had an enormous effect on my life, and I am grateful to her from the bottom of my heart!
   ~ Tricia Mudd, Baltimore, MD

Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

figure   “Working with you helped me discover a new mindset about food and eating.  You also helped me develop an awareness of how other aspects of my life influence the food choices.  Now I have the tools to make healthy decisions and still enjoy food!”  – Josie B, Teacher

figure   “My experience working with Andrea was like getting a good eye exam! I had been wearing the wrong prescription lenses and needed eye drops. She helped me refocus, realign, and refresh, and taught me that what I feed my head is far more significant than what I feed my body. Simple techniques have made a major improvement in defusing tension, frustration and anxiety. Andrea also helped me see what I am uniquely created for, and that I’m never too old to follow my dreams!” Denise B, Office Manager

figure   “Working with Andrea was a great way for me to take a look at my overall health and wellness.  I learned to be more mindful of my food needs, both primary and secondary, then make changes that made sense for me instead of allowing the popular voices around me to dictate what I should or shouldn’t do, eat or think.  Andrea’s compassionate and intuitive guidance was a breath of fresh air.”  – Missy S, Development Director