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Beginnings ~ Songs and Meditations for Deep Relaxation

I am offering these songs and sound healing meditations as tools to support you in CD Coverthe challenges of daily life. They provide welcome reminders to myself and my clients, and encourage a gentle return to beginning once again – in this present moment…to live from the true self – the wisdom and love within. May they serve you well on your journey.     With great-fullness, Andrea

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Note: Several tracks of this CD are extremely relaxing. Please do not listen  while driving–particularly the Deep Relaxation guided meditation (#8).

Song Lyrics

©2011 Andrea Wenger
All rights reserved

Words and music by Andrea Wenger except tracks 3, 5, and 7 as noted.

1  There Is Enough
I wrote most of this song in 2007 in response to reading Creating A World That Works For All by Sharif Abdullah during my graduate program at Tai Sophia Institute. The second verse came later after a class at Inspiration Community that highlighted the widening gap between the “rich and poor.” I noticed in myself and my classmates either a a strong urge to fix it, or a sense of despair. I am amazed at the increasing relevance of this song in relation to all the changes taking place around the world in recent years.

Look around you
The mess is not hard to find
Empty faces, wars and toxic places
A deep divide between have and have not
Two sides of a coin
Pain of too much, pain of too little
Our system’s breaking down, yet…

There is enough, more than enough for everyone
There is enough as we remember we are One

A strong urge to fix it all
Or give up from overwhelm
Scarcity thinking, ruled by fear—the clock is ticking
Why do I play so small?
When I’ve got gifts to share
Just like my sister over there
As we give and receive, build community
We will break down the walls, ‘cause…

There is enough…

The mentality of lack is all around
Yet abundance truly does abound

There is enough…

So let the Light within you shine
Awaken your heart’s compassion
Build a bridge to tomorrow for the sake of the children

There is enough…

2  Beginnings
I begin all my sound healing sessions with this vocal toning. It emerged over time as an invocation to the Oneness…a prayer to be used as a clear channel of divine healing for those I serve.

3  Be Here Now (written by Debbie Christo, used with permission)
I have found this song to be a quick and beautiful way to bring myself into the present moment–a valuable practice, since this moment is all we really have!

Now is the only moment
Now is the only moment
Be in this moment
Breathe in this moment
Love in this moment
Be here now
Be here
Now in this moment

4 Andrea’s Song

This song emerged from an assignment during my graduate studies at Tai Sophia Institute: spending time in nature listening for “our song.” It has been a life saver many times. When I find myself uptight, worried, in chaos or unknowing, these metaphors of nature reassure me that I can relax into the truth of life itself…that it won’t feel this way forever…that growth and beauty will emerge when I rest and trust the process.

I can rest, I can trust
Let it go, there is enough

The dark womb gives birth to life
And darkest night comes just before the dawn

I can rest …

After night the sun will rise
From the winter the spring will come

I can rest…

5 Spirit of the Wind
(attributed to Craig/Star Williams in Kate Marks’ Circle of Song songbook)
More beautiful metaphors that bring me back to center and the Oneness of all Creation.

Spirit of the wind, carry me
Spirit of the wind, carry me home
Spirit of the wind, carry me home to myself

Spirit of the river, flowing lifegiver
Spirit of the spring, source of all things
Spirit of the wind,carry me home to myself

Spirit of the fire, burning desire
Spirit of the light, give me true sight
Spirit of the wind , carry me home to myself

Spirit of the sun, all of us are One
Spirit of the sky, spread my wings and fly
Spirit of the wind , carry me home to myself

Spirit of the Earth, forever giving birth
Spirit of the land, hold me in your hand
Spirit of the wind, carry me home to myself

Spirit of the storm, let me be reborn
Spirit of the rain, wash away my pain
Spirit of the wind , carry me home to myself

Spirit of the ocean, depths of emotion
Spirit of the sea, set my soul free
Spirit of the wind, carry me home to myself

6 Letting Go
This vocal toning with crystal singing bowls is about letting go of all the stories, shoulds, expectations and demands that we allow to cloud the truth of who we really are. Allow it to wash away what is not authentically you.

7 I Am Free (words by Bert Evens. used with permission.)
I fell in love with this one the moment I heard someone singing it around a campfire. It takes me to a place of deep connection with all of Life.

I am a cloud
I am the blue sky
I am a bird, spreading my wings

I am a flower
I am the sunshine
I am the earth receiving a seed

And I am free when my heart is open
I am free when my mind is clear
Dear brother, dear sister
We walk together mindfully

8 Deep Relaxation
A guided meditation to relax your body and mind, accompanied by crystal singing bowls and vocal toning. This deeply relaxed state is where the body can naturally heal itself, and we access our deepest wisdom and truth.

9 Break Free
A spontaneous vocal toning with crystal singing bowls. Allow it to inspire you to step outside the lines and express your authentic self.

©2011 Andrea Wenger
All rights reserved

vocals, crystal singing bowls   Andrea Wenger
percussion                                      Rory Turner

Recorded and mixed by Rob Thorworth
in Andrea’s living room and Rob’s basement studio.

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