Beginnings CD

beginnings: songs & meditations for deep relaxation

CD front coverSongs of mindfulness, relaxation, freedom and abundance facilitate a connection with your center–the wisdom and truth within … and in all of Creation. Allow the pure vibrations of crystal singing bowls, vocal toning, and acapella songs to resonate with the depths of your soul: calming, relaxing, and restoring connection with the Oneness.


Adults and children alike have found this CD to be helpful to calm anxiety, re-center in the middle of the day, or assist with falling asleep at night.

PLEASE NOTE: the song Spirit of the Wind is not available on the download version of the CD. It is only on the hard copy.

What listeners are saying…

Hi Andrea,
Just wanted to let you know I was listening to your CD the other day and it was so nice. Stressful things going on with me and your music really helped. So, thank you very much. I’ve also used the guided meditation many nights to try to fall asleep. I’m an insomniac. I worry about anything and everything which it keeps me up a lot. So, thank you again for making that CD. Love it.   – Chris A, Baltimore

“I’ve been enjoying your CD “Beginnings”. The entire CD is beautiful and relaxing. Lately I have been listening to tracks 8 and 9 as a meditation practice. At home by myself I am experiencing the same waves of vibrations moving up through me that I experienced at workshops with you. These 2 tracks together help me to turn off my mind and really get into my body and feel rested and renewed afterwards. I’m really glad I have your CD.”  
~ Kristan S.


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