Sound Healing Immersions

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  • RECORDED downloadable options: Scroll down for Sound Medicine for Your Soul. In addition, Sounds of Joy! and Sacred Stillpoint Sound Meditation are available in the Sound Healing Store.
  • Songs and meditations for deep relaxation are on the beginnings CD.

About Group Sound Healing Immersions

These group offerings support you to release pain, anxiety and stress, conditioned thought patterns, and stuck emotions. This allows you to shift into a deeply relaxed state where spontaneous healing can occur.

Sound penetrates the body and our consciousness more deeply than anything else. The use of sound and music for healing has been a first line approach in ancient cultures and sacred traditions around the world.

Used with sacred intention, sound entrains the body, heart, mind and spirit to come back into balance and harmony with its own natural rhythms. Everyone’s experience is unique. Many find Andrea’s sessions to be relaxing, rejuvenating, and even transporting to a place of peace that is difficult to access otherwise.

Be immersed in…

the sound of peace
the sound of love
the sound of silence
the sound of All That Is

What people are saying…

I’m so glad I went to your sound healing event. I’m going through a lot of changes in my life. I’m processing a ton of emotions that were feeling stuck in my belly. Felt less pain and bloating this morning and slept better than I have in weeks! Much gratitude.”
~ P.F., Freeport, ME

“Andrea’s voice and musical talents are a gift. When I experience her sound healing, I enter into a space of deep receptivity and calm. I feel held by her work, able to work with myself where I am at. Thank you, Andrea!”  
~ M.S., Portland, ME

Deep Peace Sound Immersion

Saturday, May 13
7:00 – 9:00 PM
Johnson City, TN

Photo credit: Coco McCracken

Bathe in the waves of soothing sounds to calm your mind, reset your nervous system, release stuck emotions, and connect more deeply with the peace at the core of your being.

Discover the power of your own voice to rebalance your system in a guided vocal toning practice. Then relax deeply as singing bowls, chimes, drum, rattle and voice support you to release what no longer serves, restore mental and emotional balance, rejuvenate physical body reserves, and reconnect with your spirit.

Your comfort is important to be able to deeply relax and experience the full benefits of this session! Please note below what to bring with you. 

NOTE TO ATTENDEES: Be sure to bring a water bottle and items you need to be supported, comfortable and warm sitting for 20-30 minutes and lying down for over an hour on the floor, if desired. If you lie down, it is best to have thick padding (e.g. camping mat, lawn chair cushion, thick yoga mat–or two thin), blankets or sleeping bag, and pillows as desired. It’s best to bring what you need, and there are a few supplemental bolsters, yoga mats and blankets in the space.

A nourishing & rejuvenating gift for the mother(s) in your life!

Samadhi Healing Arts Center
423 West Walnut Street
Johnson City, Tennessee, 37604

$40 (no extra fees)
Provide an email address you use regularly in the check-out process. Details and a reminder of what to bring will be sent to that email address 24-48 hours before the event.

About the Facilitator..
Andrea Wenger, Sound & Frequency Practitioner, creates a sacred space for deep healing through sound, consciousness, and ancient healing practices. She teaches and facilitates the transformative power of sound and song as an avenue to access your inherent wisdom and authentic voice. Andrea’s angelic toning is transporting to a place of deep relaxation and peace. 

Sound Medicine for your Soul

Access anytime at your convenience

Photo credit: Coco McCracken

This event has been recorded and is accessible to registrants virtually.

Release anxieties and awaken to your soul’s true essence and sovereignty through sacred sound. It is your birthright to be healthy, prosperous, free and creative in ways that are meaningful to you and serve others. This sacred sound immersion supports you to release personal stress in the face of global uncertainty, as well as collective unconscious paradigms of lack, unworthiness, separation and enslavement. The sound will also carry an activation of your soul’s blueprint, to access your inner resources of peace, enoughness, kindness and compassion.

Andrea’s voice is a bridge to other realms. Her angelic toning with crystal singing bowls is complemented with bells, chimes, rattle, sacred drumming and more. Be transported to a place of peace that is hard to access otherwise, allowing the sound medicine to restore and balance all levels of your being. This session will include a mantra practice of Green Tara’s Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha, for healing and liberation of your greatest fears.

BONUS: During the original time frame when this live event was to be offered, Andrea sat in sacred space and sent remote healing to all who access the video at any time in the future. Therefore, the healing benefits are enhanced. 

Registration Required: Details for accessing the session video will be emailed to the address you use for the registration process within 10-12 hours of your registration.

Energy Exchange – This sound session is offered on a sliding scale, in the spirit of the Good Medicine Collective where it was recorded. Choose the amount below that works for you, or contact Andrea for other options such as sending a check or other amounts. She will be happy to provide access to anyone who could really use this support and does not have resources of the financial sort right now.
$11, 22, 33

Energy Exchange Options